5 Reasons Why Stucco is So Popular in Arizona

Imagine a turtle without its shell or a knight devoid of armor. That’s what a house with no siding is like. It’s vulnerable to elements like the sun, rain, wind, and snow. All the more reason to apply exterior cladding to your home.

But you can’t just use any kind of siding. You have to make careful considerations to maximize its performance. There are specific types that are perfect for certain weather conditions. Some are great for the cold, while others are at their best where it’s sunny most of the year.

For such a climate like in Phoenix, Arizona, stucco is among the ones that stand on top. Here are the reasons why many people love this siding.

Why Stucco is Widely Used in Arizona

Stucco is common in desert climates just like in Arizona, so you’ll probably see plenty of homes with this siding. That’s to be expected! It’s one, if not the best, type of exterior cladding to use in the area. Having doubts? Here are the factors that make stucco an excellent siding option for your home.

1. Perfect for the Climate

Although Arizona has winter, the majority of its regions, like Phoenix, lie in desert climates. With the weather mostly hot and dry the entire year, some siding wouldn’t last long and can melt, fade, or even peel due to the sweltering heat of the sun. However, stucco is built to withstand this kind of condition. It’s also made to be fire-resistant which lessens the risk of your home catching fire quickly. Disclaimer: the sun won’t burn your house. But the high temperatures can speed up the spread of flames.

2. Stucco is Energy-Efficient

Days in Arizona usually have hot temperatures. But it can also get cold at night. In addition, you’ll also experience winter and occasional rains. As a result, energy usage can shoot up. Luckily, when you have stucco as a siding, that won’t be a problem. With an exterior that encloses both warmth and coolness, you can maintain room temperature for a longer time. It provides good insulation, therefore consuming less energy.

3. Saves You Money

Stucco is a siding material composed of mixtures of sand, cement, lime, and water. These materials are commonly found in Arizona, resulting in a lower manufacturing price. Maintenance is also minimal, which only requires a checkup at least twice a year, saving you more cash, time, and effort. Worried about cracks and molds? It should be fairly easy to repair. How about termite and rotting? That’s also not a problem. What’s more, this siding will last up to 50 years with the proper care. Nevertheless, there is one drawback. The initial costs for installation can be quite pricey. But with all those benefits, it’s going to be worth the money.

4. For the Appearance

Beyond protection, siding also serves another purpose, to make your home look beautiful. However, many people believe that stucco doesn’t bring that much aesthetic value. But the truth is, you can actually customize its color and texture patterns to suit your preferences and make your house appear stunning. Simply apply your desired color of paint to achieve the design you wish for. And if you get tired of it, painting over the old one should be a basic job.

5. It’s Sound Resistant

Arizona has one of the busiest streets in the country. If your house is near the road, you’ll likely hear loud car honks, noisy engines revving everywhere, and people complaining about the traffic. This is another reason why a lot of people use stuccos for their homes. Because when you have this siding, you’ll hear less of the annoying ruckus outside your house. No more getting upset over noise pollution.

You'll be seeing many households using stucco siding, especially those near the desert area.
Many houses have stucco siding, especially in desert climates.

The Proper Way to Maintain Stucco Siding

If you take care of things, they last. So, do you want your stucco siding to endure a lifetime? If yes, better look after it. But how exactly do you take care of it?

  • When the paint is new, it’s prone to bubbling, cracking, and peeling. Because of this, you have to regularly check for any defects to avoid extensive damage.
  • Arizona experiences different weather conditions, from hot to cold. During this, stucco can contract and expand, which can worsen cracks in your house. That’s why it’s important to look around for unwanted damage. And when you see one, immediately fill it with high-quality caulk.
  • Choosing the right product for a primer and paint to apply on stucco is a must if you wish to extend its lifetime. Also, follow specific techniques and procedures when painting, so it doesn’t peel prematurely.
  • Dust, dirt, and mold are usual issues with stucco if left uncleaned. The solution is pretty obvious. Wash your siding at least twice a year with warm water, detergent, and scrubs. Commercial cleaning products are great, too.

Even though stucco requires little maintenance, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to give it proper attention. You should also do your part if you want long-lasting siding.

To Sum Up

Siding plays a crucial role in a safer, more comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing home. That’s why when in Arizona, it’s no surprise to see lots of houses using stucco. If you want the best life in the city, having stucco siding for your residence is a great start.

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