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L. Ron Hubbard's Office

L. Ron Hubbard's Office

Meeting L Ron Hubbard in Phoenix, Arizona Before Scientology.

Before L Ron Hubbard (LRH) developed Scientology, he had an office directly across from my Dad’s in the 800 block of North 3rd Street in Phoenix. His other office was one block south, to separate himself from the business taking place “up the street,” as the Internal Revenue Service was pressing its claims of tax evasion against LRH. (Both of these offices were in aging residences converted to office use).

The Year was 1959, and I was working as a Senior Accountant in my Dad’s public accounting firm. Unlike other such firms in Phoenix, all of Dad’s recordkeeping practices were fully automated, using his patented, tabulating equipment processes, which made him newsworthy in the City of Phoenix and nationally.

LRH disclosed to Dad that his English-based operation had closed its doors hurriedly, and there were quantities of unrecorded, un-filed transactions in a number of storage boxes – receipts were recorded in English pounds. (Receipts of Phoenix and other American operations were in US dollars).

My Dad and L. Ron Hubbard reached an agreement. Dad would proceed to provide LRH with credible defenses in respect to the IRS claims against him for tax evasion. In return, in lieu of a substantial retainer fee given the serious nature of the employment, LRH agreed to pay Dad’s fees weekly in advance. Dad would contract with a Welsh-American Senior Accountant with the requisite skills to deal with compiling records for the English operation. Other members of his City of Phoenix Firm would perform similar services for LRH’s U.S. operation - I was among the latter workers. There were many stops in the assignment when the weekly fee retainer was unpaid. I recall an incident where LRH offered Dad a Doctorate in lieu of cash payment. Dad declined the offer.

We were slightly familiar with the comings and goings across from Dad’s Office. Occasionally, a newer Cadillac convertible, white with red leather seats and top down, was seen parked across the Street. The youthful, red haired driver was identified as LRH’s son.

Over time we were introduced to two men identifying themselves as engineers. Their work involved processing clients using EEG (electroencephalogram) equipment. Dad was friends with a Phoenix Neurosurgeon and his Chief EEG Technician, both of whom shared the medical profession’s disdain and fury at the EEG-based processing practices of L. Ron Hubbard. Dad and I agreed.

LRH’s Day of Reckoning came when the Welsh-American Sr. Accountant and Dad’s Managing Accountant met with him, and I am told they said, “Enough is enough. We are only getting the run around. You get the answers we need, or we will end our work now.” Dad appeared, “fired up,” at my office door, and said simply, “Come with me.”

We walked to LRH’s office, one block south. Now in his sixties, Dad was tall, well-built and strident. We walked up the steps of the old house and entered a former living room. Before us were a desk and a young woman. Dad asked to see Ron, and the woman replied, using words I shall never forget, “Dr. Hubbard does not talk to mortals.”

Instantly, Dad stepped around her desk and her, opening the door to the room behind. LRH was at his desk, and he looked up...

Dad’s next words were, “Ron, x#!/z, you’re going to start talking now; and before I leave, you’re going to tell me everything I need to know.”

For the next hour or so, I witnessed these two talking of many things ranging from business and the gravity of the Internal Revenue Service’s claims of tax evasion to the books L. Ron Hubbard had authored as a science fiction writer. LRH and Dad spoke also of their experiences in aviation and of Buck Rogers (comic book science-fiction figure); Dad was a WWI flyer; LRH, a WWII flyer.

Dad was able to obtain the information he needed from LRH, and we left. We did not meet LRH again.

Historical Notes

Dad’s professional practice was sold soon after the meeting. Client L. Ron Hubbard’s File was turned over to the Successor to conclude.

Once, I heard L. Ron Hubbard addressed as Doctor by his receptionist during this short term of acquaintanceship. I knew that LRH’s business sold Doctorates.

I never heard anyone related to LRH’s business operations talk of Scientology, including L. Ron Hubbard.

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by: Patty

It's cool you met Hubbard. I know a lot of celebrities are into Scientology - they say it helps them to focus. But I don't know much about it.

Really Cool
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing - cool story.

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