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Marie's Hometown

Phoenix, Arizona... Imagine a place where the sight of the landscape inspires and thrills your soul - a place where you can find the deepest relaxation and the most thrilling opportunities. If you dream about cowboys and rugged mountains, but desire all of the modern amenities of an urban metropolis, look no farther - you've found it here.

Phoenix Downtown Skyline

Why Choose Phoenix?

For those considering a vacation in the continental US, Phoenix Arizona is the ideal location. Nestled around the Phoenix Mountains Preserve, this scenic spot offers the best of all worlds: cultural heritage, beautiful vistas, and a vibrant lifestyle. Only in Phoenix can you pair the most exquisite dining and finest cultural artistry in the world with the opportunity for mountain biking and desert hiking. Herein lays the charm of this hidden jewel.

Sun, Mountains and the Desert Landscape

Phoenix is famous for its stunning views and predominantly sunny days. With mountains as the back drop to a gorgeous desert landscape, there are any number of adventurous excursions available to those who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors.

Cultural Activities

For those who prefer to enjoy the culture of a region, there is no shortage of museums, exhibits, and festivals to educate and inspire. On any day of the week you can frequent one of our many cultural or fine arts sites. And all throughout the year you can participate in local events that will allow you to experience the wonder of the Southwest.

Enjoy the Nightlife

If it's pure excitement that you seek, you will enjoy the thrill of the Phoenix nightlife. A vast assortment of top-notch restaurants makes a five-star meal simple to come by, and the profusion of available bars and pubs make drinks and good times easy to find. The daredevils out there will also appreciate Phoenix Arizona's assortment of acclaimed amusement parks.

Convenient Public Transportation

The City of Phoenix strives to make accessing its amenities as convenient as possible. Our bus service is well run and timely and easily accommodates those with disabilities. Other modes of transportation are also available via rental car, taxi, shuttle service and bus, in addition to handicapped accessible vehicles operated by companies like Dial-A-Ride.

Our visitors come to this Valley of the Sun by cars, recreational vehicles, motor cycles, tour buses, commercial airlines, private and charter flights, Greyhound Bus, and Amtrak.

USA and Arizona Flag

Phoenix is the State Capitol and the
Seat of Government for Maricopa County

The Grand Canyon

Phoenix Arizona is known as the gateway to the Grand Canyon - but it's far more than a thoroughfare. This enchanting city is an urban desert metropolis that will leave you full of wonder and love for the Southwest. We invite you to explore every aspect of its rich culture and experience the depth of our uncommon heritage. Come visit, and find out why we love our home!

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